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What are the ingredients of the YS Nutrition Performance-D ?

The Performance-D products are a unique mixture of approximately 4,000 proteins, enzymes, nutrients and various bioactive organic molecules. This mixture is in a perfect biological ratio for use by mammals and the ratio was created not by scientists, but by Mother Nature. The mushroom is categorized as a Eukaryotic cell. Eukaryotic cells are defined as the cells of organisms, including humans. They contain a true nucleus bounded by a nuclear membrane. The chemistry of the mushroom has similarities to some chemical processes within mammals and this activity may explain the wonderful natural healing effect of mushrooms when consumed by mammals.


Important bioactive enzymes, proteins and nutrients contained in mushrooms include, but are not limited to, beta-glucans, cordycepin, glycoproteins such as PSK and PSP, organic selenium compounds, poly phenols, L-Ergothioneine, nucleic acids, amino acids and triterpenes. These bioactive substances are associated with immune-enhancing effects, such as decreased inflammation and more normal cellular and immune function.

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