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Meet Team Equine-D

Hawley Bennett


Hawley Bennett has her horses on our natural, whole food, supplement Equine-D; fighting the causes of many inflammatory disorders by building, boosting and balancing their immune systems.

Cameron Elston


Cameron Elston believes in the anti-inflammatory properties of YS Nutrition's Equine-D whole food, nutritional supplements, all containing natural medicinal mushrooms, which offer many powerful anti-oxidant benefits to his horse.

Mason Malone


Mason Malone uses Equine-D for its ability to build, boost and balance his horse's immune system and to help ward-off stress and disease.

Jody Hamaker-Childs


Jody Hamaker-Childs trusts her horses well being and nutritional maintenance to our Equine-D products and wouldn't go a day without supplementing their diets with them.

Robyn Fisher-Nash


Robyn Fisher-Nash strongly endorses our natural, super, whole food Equine-D mushroom products, with its many anti-oxidant properties and anti-inflammatory benefits; building, boosting and balancing the Immune Systems of her horses.

Jordan Linstedt


Jordan Linstedt utilizes Equine-D to build, boost and balance her horses' immune systems with the natural, whole food, nutritional properties and the anti-oxidant benefits offered by this mushroom based product.

Natalie Gurmankin


Natalia Gurmankin makes our Equine-D products a part of her horses' daily diet, providing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients which are offered in these proprietary mushroom formulations to help maintain a healthy Immune System.


Dacia Peters-Imperato


Dacia Peters-Imperato makes sure that Equine-D is a daily part of her horses' nutritional supplemental needs. Dacia knows that the many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properites of this mushroom based product, provide her horses with the beta-glucans, polyphenols and amino acids to enable them to work at their peak.