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Performance-D TRAUM

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Product Description

TRAUM™ is specifically designed for the high performance lifestyles of athletes, first responders, the military and weekend warriors.

A Novel Nutritional Approach to Controlling and Suppressing Inflammatory Disorders.

This includes but is not limited to arthritis, joint disease, muscular disorders and neurological conditions such as Traumatic Stress Injuries (TSI), Operational Stress and Depression.

TRAUM™ This proprietary ingredient has been created, through a patent pending process making use of the Agaricus Blazei Mushroom, which results in high level productions of natural Super Vitamin D2.

*New Improved Full Dosage Smaller Capsule

A super premium nutritional whole food supplement utilizing an exclusive formulation of the highest quality medicinal mycelia and mushroom matrices.

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  1. As a United States Marine, I had always worked hard to stay healthy and in shape.

    Posted by Justin C.

    After my first tour in the Marines, I began to notice a difficulty in keeping weight off despite increased exercise and specialized diets. In order to reenlist for a third tour, I was required to take a full, medical physical. You can imagine my shock when the physician discovered a lump on my throat. Following an ultrasound and an uncomfortable biopsy, I was diagnosed with having a cancerous node on my thyroid gland. The physician explained that I would need surgery to remove the node which had occupied over half of my thyroid. I agreed to the surgery, not knowing the physical effects it would have on my body. Immediately following the surgery, I began to put on weight. My body temperature would fluctuate drastically between hot and cold, I was highly irritable, and abnormally fatigued. The military doctors stated that my blood tests were all normal and that it was probably just mental. I know when something is wrong with my body but the military physicians all felt that my condition didn’t require the expensive tests or medication it would take to bring me back up to par.

    For five years following the surgery, I battled weight gain, exhaustion, hot flashes, chills, and extreme irritability. My family needlessly suffered through my mood swings. Various members of my leadership, despite outstanding military performance records, numerous personal awards, and history of serving in a specialized military unit, placed labels on me. They made assumptions that my weight was a reflection of my character and work ethic. My concerns fell on deaf ears and I had even received an adverse personnel review because of my weight. One Air Force doctor showed genuine concern and went so far as to prescribe Synthroid, but upon my military transfer, all follow-on military doctors were equally of no help to me.

    My wife and I had been taking my daughter to a special ranch horse riding lessons, twice a week. It was at this ranch that we met a representative for YS Nutrition. As a trial, the representative had been giving the ranch free samples of Equine-D in order to use the results as a testimony for the equestrian market. My wife and I, interested in purchasing a horse of our own, had spoken to the representative about the benefits of Equine-D. Listening to them, we mentioned my predicament and the representative informed us about the YS Nutrition supplement line for humans; Immune and Traum. We bought a bottle of Traum knowing the severity of my situation and the need for a strong supplement. I began to feel the effects almost immediately. Traum helped my cells to absorb the calcium and vitamins I needed to regulate my body temperature. I began losing weight again and my temperament had changed almost overnight. I have been taking Traum for the past five months. I feel great! I can run without overheating! I am not quick to anger! My lifestyle has improved rastically! My family is no longer suffering from my bad attitude or irritability. Traum has helped me to get back on track. It has given me the mental and physical boost I needed to motivate myself to make the right health choices. It’s amazing to me that this supplement comes from a single mushroom! I suppose that our society has acquired certain issues because of the heinous diet we adhere to. We don’t get the nutrients we need at the levels in which we need them. Traum helps our bodies to absorb the potential maximum of nutrients we require, allowing our bodies to function the way in which God had meant. Traum really has been a blessing to me and my family...

  2. I am in awe. Thank you.

    Posted by Diana C.

    YS Nutrition...I wish to share with you my excitement at having discovered your mushroom supplements. It took months of being told how beneficial these "mushrooms" are, before I would even try them. I injured my hand, a few years back, which left me with a "trigger finger" and I have discovered that if I take the Traum daily, my hand feels less inflamed and my fingers operate the way they should. I have also used it on insect bites, which have become infected. I mix a little water with the mushroom powder to make a paste. I apply to the inflamed area and it reduces the swelling and itching -- overnight!

    I am in awe. Thank you.

  3. Nothing short of amazing

    Posted by Sherry, a military wife

    I would like to thank you for letting us try TRAUM. I must say it is nothing short of amazing. My husband returned from Afghanistan two months before we met you at the COSC convention. We were unable to sleep in the same bed because of the sudden 'wake ups' he had through-out the night. With-in two weeks my husband said he was sleeping through the night and felt much calmer and he would like to come back to me. We will stay on TRAUM and Thank you,

    Thank you.

  4. I have been on TRAUM for a month and will have to say I haven't felt this good in years.

    Posted by Jody

    YS Nutrition - I am a horse trainer and have all my horses on your Equine-D, Keith stopped by the barn and said they had a new product targeting inflammation and stress that I should try. Riding 5-6 horses a day can be demanding on a rider and of course I have many bumps and bruises. It does take me a few steps to get the body going in the morning. I have been on TRAUM for a month and will have to say I haven't felt this good in years. It also, Keith said, would most likely keep me from getting the cold that circulated around the barn. Go Figure, I wouldn't be without my TRAUM from now on.

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