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Is there a way to tell that the products are working?

The best evidence that the YS Nutrition is benefitting you is that you will notice an increased level of energy and a general feeling of well-being and health. These changes, however, can be considered to be subjective evidence. There are two more scientific measurements. One measurement of response is a “natural killer cell activity test” that can measure the increase in natural killer cells. Such a test can be requested through a health practitioner.


In addition, Oxis International Inc, a medical/diagnostic research company, recently developed a method for testing anti-oxidative/anti-inflammatory activity in the blood of mammals. Antioxidant levels are important because antioxidants help to counter the damage done to cells from oxidative stress and inflammation. This method developed by Oxis International Inc. has been used to study the impact of taking Mushroom supplements and studies have shown that the Mushrooms did increase the level of anti-oxidative/anti-inflammatory activity in the blood, thus, increasing the body’s ability to fight off oxidative stress.

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