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How does the YS Nutrition compare to other supplements that are specifically designed to stimulate and enhance the immune system?

We believe that YS Nutrition products are superior to any other nutritional supplement that claims to provide immune system support. Mushrooms are fungi and their relationship to mammals is unique. Mushrooms have an immune system that is very similar to mammals. The viral afflictions that occur in mushrooms also occur in many mammals. Mushrooms have the capacity to manufacture vital nutrients that mammals need, and in certain cases cannot manufacture on their own. Mammals have a unique transporter in their cells that is specifically designed to transport an essential nutrient only found in mushrooms – L-Ergothioneine, or Ergo. Ergo is one of the most potent antioxidants and is known to provide tremendous support to the immune system.


As previously stated, most other nutritional products in use today, are developed from fruits and vegetables, and while they may contain extracted and added single chemicals with unique antioxidant properties and/or values, they cannot compare with the thousands of natural bioactive enzymes and nutrients found within mushrooms. The medicinal mushrooms used in the production of YS Nutrition products are organically grown and they are grown on organic oats – a sort of oat soil. The organic mushrooms and oats are dried and ground. Nothing is extracted or added. Rather, the final product is a complete, whole, organically grown food containing a rich variety of nutrients.

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