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How does Performance-D work?

Mushrooms have evolved a unique and complex enzymatic system. The Performance-D blend of mushrooms were designed to maximize the many diverse combinations of bioactive substances, nutrients and enzymes contained in different mushrooms, such as polyphenols, tri-terpenes, glycoproteins, beta-glucans, organic selenium compounds, and L-Ergothioneine. This approach uses a synergistic combination of bioactive mushrooms to address the particular nutritional and medicinal needs of humans and animals. Most nutritional products in use today, developed from fruits and vegetables, may contain extracted and added single chemicals with unique antioxidant properties and/or values, but none can compare with the thousands of natural bioactive enzymes and nutrients within mushrooms. These bioactive enzymes and nutrients act together to normalize cellular and immune function and thus, allow the body to properly and quickly respond to any stressful forces.


The Performance-D supplements are composed of a special blend of medicinal mushrooms, each with unique bioactive and nutrient capacities. The “secret” lies in the correct ratios of mushrooms combined within the product. These ratios have been researched and developed by well-known scientists and have gained positive endorsements by leading experts in the field of natural/dietary medicine. In-vitro and in-vivo research studies on these unique mushroom species, as well as complete YS Nutrition combinations, have shown clinical benefits as well as safety.

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