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Product Description

is produced from Nature's Ultimate Super Food - 'The Mushroom'. This proprietary, all natural, organic blend of various edible medicinal mushrooms provides multiple health benefits for horses.

Equine-D™ is a breakthrough in nutritional supplement support for horses because it takes a whole food holistic approach to equine nutrition.

These supplements contains an all-natural, organic blend of various medicinal mushrooms that help to maintain your horses peak health and performance by providing them with powerful anti-oxidants that have tremendous anti-inflammatory properties.

These mushrooms are naturally enriched with Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol) and Ergo that build, boost and balance your horse’s immune system. This proprietary formula is designed to ensure optimal absorption and effect.

Natural whole food super supplement for Horses packed full of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and pro-biotics.

"Power" Your Horse with...

A Unique Blend of Organic Mushrooms and Mycelia Matrices specifically engineered for Equine Health and Nutrition.



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Product Reviews

  1. Noticeable difference

    Posted by Anne R

    Our hard-keeper TB has bloomed since we added Equine-D to his diet. He's gradually putting on condition, and is much more settled in his attitude to work. Our vet recommended this product - I'm very grateful she did! I'll be using it on all our horses from now on.

  2. Equine D is as close to a miracle as anything I have ever seen

    Posted by Karen Chillcott

    Equine D is as close to a miracle as anything I have ever seen - I have a Russian Buddeny Stud cold, 19 months old, 15.1 and approx 730 lbs that has been having what we hoped are growing pains manifesting in lameness - I pulled him off butte and put him on Equine D morning and night and also have him on MSM and Glucosamine in the morning - he appears to be sound again and we have the all clear to start working him slowly and monitor his progress - I added Equine D to MSM and Glucosamine to the diet for my 20 yr old Arabian mare that came to me with severe hock issues (they thought) only it was determined it was the tendon sheath that is filled with fluid due to an old injury....when she first arrived, she would struggle getting up when she lay down and would have a few lame steps before walking regularly - a few weeks with Equine D and we have not seen a single lame step or any stiffness issues. And then there is Shariya - definitely a miracle mare thanks to Equine D!!!!

  3. ...within two weeks, diarrhea completely cleared up

    Posted by Susan D.

    After weeks of nagging diarrhea, we took my gelding to a well-known vet hospital for further testing to try to figure out the problem. Numerous allergy tests were taken and specific feeding monitored to try to isolate the problem. Although only slightly improved, we finally brought him home to see what would happen employing the new feeding program. We heard about the benefits of Vitamin D and a product carried at our stable was suggested.

    We purchased Equine-D and within two weeks the diarrhea was completely cleared up, he began to put weight back on and started acting like he was feeling normal. He is now thriving, and we attribute this return to normalcy entirely to the Equine-D, since it was the only thing we had done differently upon his return from the hospital. We plan on keeping him on the Equine-D forever!

    Thanks so much

  4. Tinkerbell Recovery on Equine-D

    Posted by Ashley M. Stein, Circle T Ranch Arabians

    Hope you remember me, I am from Whispering Meadows Ranch, I had the Arabian mare that had the sore on her mouth. Her sore started out as a deep cut an inch long and we called the vet out and he stitched it up. All was well until the flies laid eggs in her cut and they created a summer sore, a severe summer sore. I am talking about eggs that you could see inside her cute and we had to literally scrape out all of the eggs to get the healing process started. Segrid mentioned when got there how this Equine-D worked GREAT, so I was skeptic of course because the vet made me some ointment ($75 later) that was suppose to heal it and clear it up.

    The process would take a lot longer but at least it was something to keep her comfortable, he said. Trying the Equine-D was unbelievable, within two weeks her sore was gone and her hair was already growing back around it. I am not a skeptic anymore, not only am I not I have been promoting it to everyone that has issues with their horse or themselves. My parents have bought a supply for their 10 horses and plan to keep them on it forever!

  5. Positive changes in his appearance

    Posted by Mason Malone

    I started using Equine-D product on Brown Horse in mid-September 2010. Since then I have experienced positive changes in his appearance and more importantly his performance. Brown Horse has seemed healthier and happier and his coat is staying slick and shiny all through the winter.

    He feels better and is more playful when I turn him out…but is still respectful and his performance has improved while on the Equine-D and O.H. Kruse Feed products.

    Before utilizing Equine-D; Brown Horse always had a nagging mild skin condition that was itchy and uncomfortable for him. Since being on

    Equine-D, the allergies have cleared up and it has stopped the itching.

    He is an overall happier horse since September and it has contributed to him staying 100% healthy even with my busy rodeo schedule (sometimes hauling to three rodeos a weekend).

    Brown Horse is part of my family and my partner in business so I am glad that I have found products that keep him on the road with me.

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